Seoul, a city centred on labor and respecting labor, has an important symbol: Chun Tae-il.
It established the Chun Tae-il Memorial in Cheonggyecheon, where Chun Tae-il, a young man, launched a new era with his self-immolation resistance in 1970.
In 1981, the Chun Tae-il Memorial Establishment Promotion Committee was established; it published Chun Tae-il’s biography and has nurtured his dream till date.
Set up in 2019, the Chun Tae-il Memorial, the first building in the country where the spirit of Chun Tae-il lives and breathes, is a symbol of Seoul as a city that respects labor.
It is a platform for labor and human rights education for many students and workers. It includes a cultural hall, where all citizens can realize the value of labor and learn its meaning.